Saturday, November 12, 2011


Out for a bit yesterday morning but it was a terrible birding day.  Winds were gusting and with the cool temps it was not fun to be out.  Arrival of fall has brought some of the Kestrels back to the area so I headed to see if they were out hunting. 

The first one I encountered had a kill and was eating when I first arrived.  I tried to ease out of the car but of course it flew but not too far.  This is a very large Kestrel.  I have watched it several times and
have noted each time it appears larger than many I have seen.

Moving on up the road to see what was out, I happened to notice a bird sitting on a tree sliver.  This was probably 55-60 feet out and an electric fence would not allow me to get any closer.  The coloration was quite gray but the behavior of flying off, circling and coming back was that of a Ketrel so I stopped and set up the camera.  Yes, it was a Kestrel and probably a young bird.  It was a bit small and did not have the classic Kestrel coloration patterns.

Once I arrived home and uploaded the days shots, I noticed that this smaller Kestrel had a leg band on.  I spent a little time looking last night trying to track down banded Ketrels in NC.  I am always curious when I encounter a banded bird on who, when and where.

Hopefully today the wind will subside.  I plan to take the scope out this morning and try some digiscoping to see if I can get some good shots.

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