Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Shots

A chilly start this morning but temperatures quickly rose to around 65.  A light southwest breeze ushered in warm air to replace that of a cold front that came through Thursday night.  With the change in daylight savings time, I was able to get an early start.  My intent was to try and scope the Kestrel this morning but that quickly changed when a group of crows harrassed the poor bird out of the area.  I was quite concerned for a while as there were so many crows that ganged up.  I got one quick unprepared shot as it flew to a nearby tree trying to escape.  The aerial acrobatics that followed were quite amazing to watch.

Lots of Eastern Blue Birds, Pine Warblers, White-Throated Sparrows and Song Sparrows about.  I started watching a Red-Bellied Woodpecker that was flying from tree to tree. I could see it was carrying something and it finally came close enough to see.  It must have thought it had a grand prize.  After a couple of more trees, it finally found one where it stashed the pecan and moved on.

On to the park.  I was taking my time on the main bridge over the pond searching for the pair a pair of Wood Ducks that have come in.  All of a sudden a group of mallards scattered.  As I searched for what spooked them, I could see the water moving.  The otter was having a great time stirring everything up.

I continued down the trail beside the creek hoping to get them where I suspect their den is.  The creek splits so I think they took the branch that did not run beside the trail.

As I was standing overlooking the marsh, a Brown Thrasher flew in right beside me.  It seemed very curious as to what I kept looking at.  If only all birds were so unafraid and willing to come so close.

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