Monday, November 14, 2011

Golden Crowned Kinglets

I went out a bit this morning enjoying the streak of beautiful weather we are having. Mid 70's and it is mid-November...who could ask for better.

The Golden Crowned Kinglets have arrived. I refer to them as speed demons in the trees. They never sit still for more than a couple of seconds at a time and make for a challenging photo session.

                                                Their preferred locations of hunting amidst the vines, scrub or trees adds to the challenge since the areas always seem to be in the shade.

This morning there were a group of four working an area hard for insects. Two of the females tangled with each other several times always ending up on the ground. The male with his bright orange crown stayed high in the trees.  He was the one I was hoping to get a good shot.  Oh well, another day.  He was in such deep shade the shot is not very good. Ocassionally,  if he squabble between the two females that were bickering became loud enough, he would fly down as if breaking up the fight.

I forgot how much fun and a challenge they are to photograph and look forward to their remaining time in the area. Depending on the weather, they usually depart in early March.

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