Friday, December 30, 2011


It was a beautiful day.  Mostly sunny and high around 63 deg.  Unfortunately, I was not able to do much birding.  Heat died on me Wednesday night and I had to lay the unit to rest.  With the age of the unit and estimated repair cost, I just had to go ahead and bite the bullet and get a new system....ouch!  Fortunately they were able to get installed today so heat tonight will feel good.

I spent most of the day doing some much needed winter chores in the yard.  As I was out working, I noticed that the bluebirds kept flying to the houses and checking them out.  I usually clean the houses out around Thanksgiving but let it slip past me this year.

Off to get a bucket of water with mild bleach solution.  I cleared out remnants of the past  nesting season, scrubbed the interior and propped open to air and dry well.

Usually in February, they really start their scouting for potential nesting areas.  I think the warm weather has their timeline skewed.  With some luck, they will now return to a nice clean house.

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