Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter....not yet anyway

Mother Nature snubbed her nose at Old Man Winter today and said no, no, no.  The birds were taking advantage of the warm weather and increased insect activity. A couple of hours of sunshine this morning but heavy cloud cover has now moved in.

Late this afternoon I walked out in the yard when I saw bits of green poking through the leaves.  All the warm weather has the daffodils confused and they are already coming up.  If / when the cold hits, I guess this will be a spring without them.  An Eastern Towhee was doing some serious jumping and scratching on the ground.

As I was walking in the yard, I noticed a pair of little birds really working an oak tree.  When I realized they were Brown Creepers, I dashed inside for the camera.  They had moved on up the tree a bit unfortunately.  From what I can recall, this is my first time seeing them in the yard.  Hopefully they will stick around for a while for another photo opportunity on a day with better lighting.

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