Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trailcam Pics

I have had not had any time last week or this week for time out.  When Friday rolls around, it will be 12 days straight and 130 hours of work.  Feeling out of touch with what is going on around me, I have been putting out the trail camera the last couple of nights.  It keeps me connected with what is going on in the natural world right in my own yard.

Up until the weather front that is coming through right now, nights this week have been fairly warm.  I would sit out on the screened porch and hear the mystery noises rustling the leaves and wonder what it / they were.  So here is what has been out.

The deer have been active over the last two weeks.  With most of the green foliage now gone, they are searching for food.  They have found the big pile of acrons I have been dumping in one spot and are hitting it regularly.

Their activity has aroused the interest of other woods creatures.  The raccoons I battle with that want to rob the bird feeders wandered into the camera view.  The fox also walked through on it's nightly rounds.

 The most curious shot is an unknown feline.  Unfortunately, the head shot is blurry but a couple of body shots.  I find the markings very interesting and they make me think this is not a domestic feline.  I have placed the camera back out tonight hoping for another visit to get some better views of the head.

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