Friday, December 16, 2011

Vacation Day 2 - Wednesday - Those Rowdy Eagle Youngsters

Eagle #1 peacefully watching surroundings.
After a non-restful night, I awoke early and decided I would go home with a stop by Mattamuskeet.  I took a scenic back route which I must go back down sometime during full daylight.  The peaceful scenic drive lifted my spirits and I will definitely revisit that route in the spring.

1st eagle turns to face incoming eagle
This post will primarily be on the young eagles.  I still have hundreds of photos to sort through and will post those on a separate post.

 Being a weekday morning, there were very few visitors on the refuge when I arrived.  I headed back to the area where there is a photo blind by the water.  I had not pulled far down the road when I saw one of the young eagles fly in.  I cut the car off and sat and watched.   Was I in for a show.  A game of "King of the Tree" followed.  The first one flew in and landed in a tree just checking out the surroundings.

 This play attack behavior went on for about 10 minutes.  Both eventually settled down in the same tree and sat for some time.

2nd eagle assumes attack posture.

Fake out play attack.

2nd eagle flies off, circles and repeats incoming attack

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