Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Fallish Sort of Sunday

It is definitely beginning to look like fall and today, the air has a coolish breeze.  It is an absolutely beautiful day with blue skies and not a cloud in sight.  The trees are beginning to take on color making for a pleasant vista across the pond.

The Kingfisher was on its favorite tree snag watching the pond.

Quite a few Palm Warblers were out this morning.  Several of us had a debate on this particular bird however I believe the mornings "golden hour" was distorting the actual color.

There were several Yellow-Throated Vireos hunting in an old pecan orchard.  The birds are looking very different in their winter plummage and some now are not quite as easy to identify with a quick glance.

Plenty of Eastern Bluebirds along the fences and hunting insects at the edges of fields.  Always a pleasant sight.

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