Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Killing Time

The weather is finally going to improve a bit today.  I am ready for some sunshine and blue skies but we will have today with mostly overcast skies before sunshine returns.

I officially retired from the military on 5 October with a little over 30 years service.  The last ten years were busy, trying years and I have been adjusting to the new life and enjoying some free time.  I have done very little artisitc in the last 10 years and had not painted during that period (or nothing serious).  One of the first things I did was go and purchase art supplies and have been trying to re-learn techniques long lost and retrain the eye, hands and reconnect the brain synapse between the two.

While I spend more time repainting the canvas and starting over, that is what I expected as I am learning but still very much enjoying the process.  I decided that one of the shots of the hawk that I took on 24 October was a good practice subject.  A little blurry which is best to apply some filters in photoshop to get more "artsy" looking.

So, being stuck inside over the last few days, here is the beginning of the painting attempt.  A long way to go on it yet and for sure, photographing canvas does not come out well.  I suspect in the end it will be white-washed with an attempt at something else but practice, practice, practice! 

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