Friday, November 2, 2012

Yellow Jacket Nest

Two weeks ago while working in the yard I encountered a hidden Yellow Jacket nest in the ground resulting in several stings on both myself and the dog.  Several cans of spray had little impact and I resorted to flooding the nest with water a couple of days apart.  I checked the area several different times and still saw some flying in the general area.

Late this afternoon, the sun came out and temperatures began to rise.  I decided to go out and blow some leaves and walked over to check the area.  The nest had been dug up within the last two days.  The dog has been going nuts the last two nights which I attributed in part to the full moon and seeing deer in the woods.  I now suspect what Ali was barking at was a raccoon digging the nest.. 

There were a few Yellow Jackets left in the hole but with the cooler temperatures, were moving very slow.  Most of the larvae had been eaten but some remained.  I set the trail camera out tonight just in case it decides to come back.  I am more curious than anything just to verify that it was a raccoon.  Whatever it was, I am thankful that it has taken care of the nest.  Nature has a way of taking care of itself and maintaining balances.

Tomorrow should be a beautiful day and I am looking forward to getting out and hopefully some good birding.  The enitre week has been overcast but tomorrow, sunshine should rule.

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Steve Brame said...

I had the exact thing happen to a nest I found under the slab of an outbuilding. Did you ever figure out what dug the nest out?