Friday, November 23, 2012

Poor Sportsmanship

I went out early this morning to retrieve the trail camera I had set to try and record the beaver. While I did get some shots, they were not very good so I am trying again tonight.  Moving on.  This park is considered a native wildlife refuge where hunting is not permitted.  A herd of deer come in and shelter in the park overnight and move to deeper woods surrounding the park in the morning.

As I was working getting up the trail camera, the herd came across the wetlands.  They had finished crossing and headed down the path further in the woods when a shot rang out.  Another gentleman who was walking stopped and looked at me.  The shot was very close.   There is no way that anyone should have been hunting that close to the park and in fact, firing into the park.

We talked about whether we should call a wildlife officer but decided the shooter would be long gone before one would arrive.  It showed poor judgement on the hunters part and poor sportsmanship.

I fear that the matriarch of the herd was probably shot.  I have watched them on many occasions coming across the wetlands and she was always at the head of the herd.

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