Monday, November 19, 2012

Domestic "Wildlife"

With another day of overcast skies in the forecast, I decided this was a good morning to do my yearly ritual of cleaning out old photographs and those you keep until you get a new and improved.  Happily I found some photos on a portable hard drive that I thought had been lost during a computer change.

The memories came rolling back in of the last five years.  The first photo I have of Ali  is about a month after I received her from a friend.  She was a wide open little puppy full of vim and vigor.  From the time she was a puppy and still to this day, she has had a knack for getting herself into the oddest places.  I don't think I have ever had another dog in my life that liked to climb as much as she does.  It is like she wants to be at your eye level.

There have been vet visits for strange objects eaten which necessitated action.  Crazy dog ate a spool of thread and when the vet went in to retreive it, also found a rather large hex nut.  Yes, there have definitely been challenging times getting her to adulthood but she can also be so sweet that sugar wouldn't melt in her mouth.  Despite her size, she still thinks she is a lap dog.

She is now a  beautiful, healthy and happy dog.  The joy that comes with having a fine, loyal companion is well worth it.

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