Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Original Recycling Concept

I found out about a local photo contest late yesterday afternoon and set out early this morning with determination in search of something to fit the context of the exhibit.  With an entry deadline of 30 November, no time to waste.

As usual, I got sidetracked.  While exploring around an on log tobacco barn, I found some old drink bottles.  These were from a time you took the bottle back in the next time you got a drink so you didn't have to pay a deposit.  You could really get a cold drink in these unlike the plastic bottles now that regardless of how long you cool, they never really get cold and heat up quickly.

The old log barn was a haven for Carolina Anole that were basking in the sun.  They look quite different in their coloration now.  Definitely not the green of spring and summer.  There was a wide variety of brown toned coloration ranging from tan to dark brown.

 As for entry possibilities, well, I still have tomorrow.


Woodduck said...

Great capture, composition, and a story! As a child, I'd pick up three bottles at $0.02 when returned; would buy a $0.06 Pepsi. Yes, your pic proves two out of three folks enjoy Pepsi, in Carolina...happy trails!

Paula said...

Yes, I definitely recall those days also. I spent many a summer day growing up around the tobacco barns and always waited for "nabbing time" when you sat down for a drink and pack of crackers (nabs).