Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Catching Up

The last couple of days have been busy.  The weather was phenominal over the weekend and while it was warm yesterday, clouds moved in around noon and rain predicted for today with a cold front moving through.  I have been trying to keep ahead of the massive falling of the leaves.  Much easier to blow when dry than wet.  Up on the roof yesterday to blow off those that get captured in a valley that were knee deep.

The trail cam captured a disturbing sight on 10 November.  As if one possible coyote was not enough, a second has shown up and the male showed definite interest in the female.  I have been talking with the wildlife folks on the best way to discourage their attempts to take up residence in the area.  I definitely fear for the foxes that I adore and have not seen them for the last couple of night despite the camera being set up on what has been their regular run for the last several years.

I have been asked to consider doing a beyond photography exhibit "Altered Nature" after the first of the year.  I have been looking through photos over the past year and for the last couple of weeks, focusing on textures in nature that show promise of being altered/manipulated.  I have come up with several end result pieces that I am pleased with but not sure I can get the number needed and have them high quality.  It gives me something to work on and for sure this time of year, it is much easier to focus on the texture of things.



Woodduck said...

Sorry you got invaded by the coyote. We have experienced a steady rise in their population along the upper Roanoke.

Paula said...

Yep, I am most certainly not happy with their arrival. Hopefully, they are just passing through. I fear for the other creatures I enjoy watching. Everything I read states their growth in the State is getting out of control.