Friday, November 16, 2012

Red-Shouldered Hawk

After a rainy miserable day yesterday, the sun came out today and out I went too.  I walked up on a Red-Shouldered Hawk that was patiently hunting the wetland marsh and was able to ease up on the hawk.  I watched it for quite a while.  Eventually when I turned to move on, it flew to another tree but not too far.

I thought as I watched, how would we humans fare if we had to get out and hunt for food on a daily basis ( and I don't mean go to the refrigerator door, open and stare)?  It was obvious from watching the bird and a couple of failed attempts that it was hungry. 

I moved on and watched a Great Blue preening for a while then ran into a gentleman I see at the park fairly regular.  We began talking about the hawk and both of us decided to walk towards the back again. 

As we started down the trail, right in front of us there was the hawk.  It flew down to a log in a very brushy area.  Success!  It found breakfast.  The lighting conditions were terrible and mostly impossible to get a shot due to the brush.  I am guessing probably a sparrow but who knows.


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