Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunny Monday

I was disappointed this afternoon when I pulled the trail camera in.  I was looking forward to some excellent shots of the buck during the daylight but had the camera angled incorrectly or either something had bumped it.  All the daytime shots had the bucks head cut off.  He did however return at night but oh well, another day.

I have seen more Ruby-crowned Kinglets so far this year than I saw during the entire fall and winter months last year.  It must be going to be a colder, snowier winter up north this year.  This is not one of the cleaner shots I got today but like the splash of the ruby the side view shots did not show.

Lots of Eastern Bluebirds out which I love.  Their soft murmuring is so pleasant to hear.

The bright red of the Cardinal is really standing out now that trees are dulling in color.  I think I tend to be more appreciative of them during the winter months.

The appearance of a Brown Creeper caught me off guard today.  I went from light to shade quickly just trying to verify I saw what I thought I did so the shot is a little blurry.

I had one curious shot on the trail camera.  The dark tip of the tail says fox but I swear this fox is quite a bit taller than other foxes in the area.  It almost has a coyote look with the long legs.  The long time resident adults I can identify by sight from their markings and tail as well as one of the kits born this year as she has a distintive mark shape on her muzzle.  I am wondering if this is one of the other kits born this year that I have not seen since they reached adult size.

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