Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

I was surprised this morning to already see a RC Kinglet.  They normally do not arrive until well into November.  A gentleman I see at the park some said he spotted a Golden Crowned Kinglet last week.  We have not even had a first frost yet and daytime temps this week are in the 70's.  Makes me wonder on winter weather prediction for this year.

Late this afternoon I was heading out the door to take the dog for a walk and noticed something on in the carport.  I couldn't believe it there in the shade...a copperhead.  About 14-16 inches in length but not much girth so probably a young one.  Too bad but it had to go.  I just can't risk the dog getting a bite.


Woodduck said...

Glad y'all didn't get pecked! Lucky you saw it; their camoflage is mighty good.

Paula said...

Indeed it is. I felt bad about killing it but it was too close. Had it not been poisonous, it could have gone it's merry way.