Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nephew's Fair Entry

A little diversion from my usual post but being the proud aunt, I wanted to share my nephew's entry in the state fair this year.  We have been trying to encourage him in things other than the usual 8 year old boys likes of rough and tumble and  that it is okay to like other things.

At least we got him outside to go pick leaves and appreciate the variety and texture of the leaves and by that, the variety in nature. 

We worked on this piece the first day of autumn this year.  His hands did the work with just a few recommendations from his Mom and I.  Several trips outside (breaks) to find that next perfect leaf were required.

I think he did an outstanding job (can you tell I am proud of him?).  With this comes a gift certificate for the purchase of art supplies.  Perhaps a budding artist?

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