Friday, January 25, 2013

Mostly Sleet and Freezing Rain

I haven't posted in a while and still having issues with Blogger.  I have also been very busy working on a new work venture and have been having to discipline myself to get serious on work to meet my goals.  Hopefully within the next 30-45 days, I will be ready to launch my website with embroidery designs.

Brief snow flurries followed by lots of sleet and freezing rain started about an hour ago.  I stocked up on bird seed and made suet yesterday in preparation.  This should however be a very brief event but after several days of cold, the birds are seeking energy food.

It has been a very busy morning at the feeders.  That is the only good thing I can possibly say about frozen brings the birds in close.  The pictures are not the best as it is very dark outside and the windows also have a bit of tint so shooting through them it is difficult to get much shutter speed without a high ISO.

I have noticed over the last week that the Yellow-Rumped Warblers are already beginning to take on more color.  We usually only gt a brief period of time before they depart in April  to see them in their breeding plumage.

Yellow bird (parakeet) that showed up under my feeder last March that I rescued has been having a field day today sitting at the window.  It has chirped and squawked at all of the birds coming to the suet feeder.  It seems hard to believe I have had the bird for almost a year.  It still will not come to my finger but I hold a piece of wooden dowel out and it will fly to me.

It particularly goes nuts over the Goldfinches.  I wonder it it thinks they are kin?

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