Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mother Nature - The Temptress

Warm temperatures and sunshine beckoned everyone to come outside today unless you were a die hard couch potato.  Overnight the daffodils grew with many starting to set bud.

Oh what a temptress Mother Nature is lulling us with a case of spring fever.  The cruel part is temperatures are suppose to drop by 30 degrees on Tuesday then moderate to mid 50's for the remainder of the week.

The bullfrog that lives in the disappearing fountain came out and sat on the rocks and bellowed off and on all day.

A walk down by the pond found a Red-Bellied Brown Snake basking in the sun.  I was surprised to see it so exposed and in the open.  Hawk bait!

Late this afternoon I went down to my cousins farm to let the dog run.  As I walked across the freshly harvested field (dog was way ahead of me by now), a Red-Tailed Hawk circled above watching for anything I might stir up.  Walk finished and a bag of corn to carry home, off I went.

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