Monday, February 4, 2013

Pine Siskin Invasion

Inside with cold chills and some bug today, I never even got dressed which is rare.  I was going to venture out but when I went out to check temps, chills set in and going out was forgotten.

Late this afternoon and feeling some better I was up for a while.  I could hear yellow bird having a squawking fit and was curious as to what was upsetting the bird so.

When I walked to look out the window, between the suet feeder, regular bird feeder, thistle sock and on the ground, there were close to at least 100 Pine Siskins.

The new thistle sock I put up late yesterday afternoon was almost completely gone by late this afternoon.  It was quite an amazing sight to see so many in one place.


Woodduck said...

Oh, I might have thought they were finches and not given them a second glance. I need to check out some info. on them. Thanks...happy trails

Paula said...

They are a bit smaller than finches but fun, active little birds to watch. I have had lots of them all winter. Always a delight to see.