Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Red-Shouldered Hawk

The weather seems to be flip-flopping every day.  Beautiful one day then a 180 deg change the next.  Today was a good day.  The hawks have been extremely active and vocal today.  Watching them, I  believe they were scoping out a potential nesting tree.  Their activity and constant calling had all the birds and squirrels fussing at their presence.

The Bluebirds have been checking out the houses off and on all day.  Hopefully they will decide to nest.  The males are really getting their deep blue color for the breeding season.

Quite a few Field Sparrows out today.  I really like these little birds.  They just look so sweet.


Kath said...

Love that hawk!

I hope you are feeling back to your old self now, flu can drag you down for some weeks.

Paula said...

Finally feeling back to par but it did take me a bit to get over it. Hope you are doing well too.