Friday, December 20, 2013

Day Trip Down East

Well, my trip today was a bit disappointing.  I had actually intended on going down east yesterday but woke up not feeling the best so waited until today.  My plans were to stay over tonight but said the heck with it all and came back home.  My one bad ankle I turned again while walking trying to find that dang Snowy Owl that had been hanging around the Hatteras lighthouse.  Unfortunately after a looong drive, no luck.  I procrastinated going too long and lost out.  I was originally going the day after the Bonner Bridge was closed and cancelled the trip because of the uncertainty of getting there with the emergency ferry situation.

Trying to salvage the day, coming back home I went by Mattamuskeet.  Definitely wrong day to go.  I wanted to go yesterday when there were no hunters.  The back part of the refuge was closed until 1300 and by that time, all the gunfire had spooked most of the waterfowl away.

There were the usual shortage of Great Blue Herons

and lots of Great Egrets.

The cutest little Cattle Egret kept coming right up to the car.  I had just pulled over and it would come up and look at me.  Not sure what it was thinking.

An American Bittern came flying by and I watched hoping it would land close by but I lost sight of it behind some trees.

One bright spot were lots of Northern Pintails.  Although they are not colorful ducks, their markings are quite attractive.  They were a noisy lot but enjoyable to watch.

On the way out of the refuge I spotted a Red-Shouldered Hawk that kept flying down trying to get something in the marsh area.  I never saw it get anything but it got a bit wet trying.

Time for a hot shower, a couple of ibuprofen, a cold pack on the ankle and sack time.  Tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful weather before another cold front comes in.  With tomorrow being the winter solstice, temps here are going to be around 70.  Love it!!!


ME2NC said...

Hey, Paula, sounds like we were both on a quest to hopefully see a snowy owl and we were both Downeast yesterday, but in different places. I knew there was an owl hanging around the lighthouse but didn't want to drive that far, so hubby and I took a ride to the end of Cedar Island, driving to just about every side road that we found along the way but no luck. We didn't see much of anything for wildlife or birds, other than the ordinary ones. Lots of pretty scenery though. Hope to get to Mattamuskeet next week. Thanks for sharing your photo's of what you saw.

Paula said...

I was quite disappointed on not seeing the owl but still enjoyed the trip overall. There is never really a bad day at the coast when the weather is nice! Keep in mind for your trip that the back part of the refuge is closed on hunting days until 1300. There is no hunting on Thursday which is why I wanted to go that day. Hope you have a good trip. I will keep watching your blog. Merry Christmas!

ME2NC said...

A friend got some good photo's of snowy owls in Maine and has them on her website. You might enjoy checking them out.

ME2NC said...

oops! I hit send too soon. Merry Christmas to you too.