Saturday, December 28, 2013

NC Zoo - R.J.Reynolds Aviary

Scarlet Ibis
My friend and I decided to do something a bit different today.  She had not been to the zoo here and it had been more years than I can remember since I went.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

We focused mainly on the North American animals with the exception of the aviary.  Both of us being birders were drawn to that exhibit.  Unfortunately it was more crowded than we anticipated and the shooting conditions were a bit of a challenge but still got some nice shots.

It was pretty cool that so many children there were excited about seeing all the birds.  Although some quiet would have been nice, I would rather see the kids out enjoying and appreciating nature versus sitting in front of a TV playing a video game.  Bravo to those parents who brought them out.

I could not find the name for this one but absolutely loved the eye!

Mandarin Duck

These are only a few of my favorite birds we saw today. Nice to see some color. Some I really wanted a shot of I didn't get.  Just an opportunity to go back!

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