Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trail Cam Shots - 25 Dec 13

It is a cold. dreary. misty morning.  I went out early to retrieve the trailcam curious since I have not set it out in a while.  I set it out on Christmas Eve only to realize when I looked on Christmas morn the batteries were dead.  I thought there was enough juice left for one night but I guess the cold quickly zapped the energy.  I was excited because I had looked out at the edge of dark and saw a large buck and was anxious to see the shots.  New batteries in I set out late yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately he did not show back up, only the does.

The fox are still around and give wide berth to the raccoon.

The entire raccoon family also showed up looking for a  meal.  They too like the extruded pellet food that I feed the deer.

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