Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Wren

It has been a very strange feeling day weather wise.  While it has reached 77 it has felt a bit cool with the steady breeze.  Still, you can't complain particularly this time of year.  The morning started off very gray and a bit misty.  I only went out for only a bit with the warm temps were just too good to pass on.  I got a killer shot of a Red-tailed Hawk going after something but the high ISO made for a very speckled looking shot.  Oh well.

I saw my first Winter Wren for the season.  Funny that I was just thinking to myself a few days ago that I had not yet seen one this year.

The cooking marathon will begin tomorrow for our extended family get together on Christmas Eve.  The weather is going to be quite messy tomorrow so a good day to have something to do inside.

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