Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An Then There Were Three

I have been going nuts for the last couple of days trying to find the key to the cable lock I use to mount the trail camera to a tree.  I finally found it today with fingers crossed there was still space on the SD card to capture what I saw today.  Unfortunately, the card was filled and the great fawn shots that would have been are not.  Isn't that the way it goes.

I was pretty surprised on a third fawn.  The matriarch of the herd (on the right) has had twin fawns for the last three years and so it looks that the two smallest fawns are both hers.  After looking at many pictures, she has nursed both of those.  The other fawn which appears a bit older belongs to the daughter.

The fox couple has shown up several times but I have not seen any kits this year.  Hopefully they had some and have just not brought them up.

After closely looking at the photos, I realize that the buck coming up is the same one I noticed back during the winter had a broken leg.  I figured he probably would not make it through the winter but he is still hopping along.


Coppertop said...

Love these photos Paula. Your camera takes nice photos.
The fawns are simply adorable. Amazing what wildlife endure isn't it.
A pair of fox how lucky you are, hope you see some kits soon. Are they red or grey fox? It looks like perhaps grey to me from your photo.

G L Buzzell said...

Great photos! I so miss my game cameras. I would get one for here but since I only have a small lot, I doubt I would see anything. Thanks for sharing your game cam photos.

Paula said...

Hi Liz, The trail camera does pretty well considering it is only 8mp's. They are Gray Foxes. Last year they had 5 kits so I am hoping to see some soon.

Paula said...

Hellow Gladys, Yeah, the trailcams are a lot of fun. It definitely keeps my in the loop with what is going on around the yard. You know...you might be surprised what roams at night!