Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hot and Humid

What a miserable weekend it has been weather wise.  An early morning storm here kept it from getting as hot as predicted by the weather folks but it was not a pleasant day to be outside.

Friday, I started working with my nephew ( age 10) on one of his projects for the State Fair.  We usually do a couple of entries and one of his entries this year will be a decorated dried gourd.  His attention span is only a couple of hours at a time so it has taken us three days with finishing it up today.  I can't believe I forgot to take a photo!  I figured we needed to get this project completed before he started by to school.  Hard to believe fall is not that far away.

The frog soaking in the fountain had the right idea today.  I think if I could have found some water to laze around in I might have done the same.

Looking forward to the cooler, drier weather that is suppose to come in after tomorrow!


G L Buzzell said...

It is hot! This is the first summer that we spent here since moving to NC almost 3 years ago. Bet that frog is laying in hot water if the fountain is in the sun. :-) Enjoy your nephew.

Paula said...

I am taking my nephew down your way tomorrow for a day trip. Taking advantage of the nice weather. Your trip to Carrot Island looked like a good trip so that is where we are headed.

Metis Birding said...

Hopefully we are finished with the unbearably hot and humid days for the can only hope! I love the NC state fair. That's great that you are helping your nephew contribute something to it :)