Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gray Fox

I took my nephew out for a bit this morning to try and find some old farm scenes to photograph for his entry in the State Fair this year.  We first went down to my Grandmother's old farm where a few of the old tractor sheds remain.  The old farm is getting on its last leg.  When we pulled up, I noticed some movement on top of the roof.  Was I surprised!  A fox was  up on top of the roof.  It sat up when we pulled up and sat and looked at us.  Eventually it climbed higher and disappeared down the roofline.

We pulled around in time to see it coming down a tree that had grown up beside the house.  Yes, Gray Foxes do climb.


G L Buzzell said...

What a great shot!! Guess it was warming it's belly on the roof.

Paula said...

It gave both my nephew and I a good giggle. It seemed pretty odd to see a fox up on the roof. We decided to take the trail camera down tomorrow and try to catch shots of it climbing. Hope we can catch some shots of it.

Coppertop said...

How neat is that! Beautiful fox and great shot, Paula.
Even better that the nephew got to share in this memory!

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. I got a really big kick at how excited my nephew was on seeing it. He is really beginning to appreciate wildlife.