Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Renovations Almost Done!

I can't believe it has been 30 days since my last post.  In all the years I have been keeping the blog I have never taken such an extended break.  The house renovations are almost complete.  The kitchen which was a huge project lacks only the new flooring to be put down.  While that may sound like a big project compared to the cabinets and other changes it will be a drop in the bucket.  I wanted to get all the cabinet work and painting done so only minor touch-ups might be necessary before the floor went down.

I have really missed being outside but had to focus on the tasks at hand.  Other things were a couple of new ceiling fans in other parts of the house and changing out light fixtures.  I have one more light fixture to change out but not sure about the wiring on a 3-way switch so I will hold off until I can get my brother here.

Hopefully my friend and I will be going to Lake Mattamuskeet Saturday for a day trip.  I really need a break before I start on the floor.

My task today was to clean out my "work clothes" closet.  30 years of military clothing (three changes in military style) left me with a packed closet I no longer needed.  It is so funny now to look in that closet and see only a few hanging items.  I kept one of each uniform style....the old "pickle suit" (solid greens/Vietnam era), the BDU and finally the ACU.  Sentimental reasons I guess.  That was a large part of my life and I guess one day I will let those go too.

Like everything else in nature that seems off timing this year, the matriarch deer and her daughter have finally begun bringing the fawns up.  I have had the trail camera set out watching and waiting. This afternoon when I looked out the window one of the fawns was wandering around in the front yard.  I tried to ease the window open quietly but the fawn took off.  I went down to get the trail camera and got a few decent shots.

I had put some older apples out at the feeding spot yesterday and they were quickly eaten.  I can see that nothing has changed regarding the doe's behavior when a buck comes up.  All the doe were just relaxing and eating until the buck showed up and they took off.

I submitted my photo for the trail camera contest.  There are some pretty neat shots.  If you have some time to kill check them out here.  Not the best shot because the light was so bright but I liked the way the groundhog was lounging in the sun.  Voting will start after 8 August so check them out. 


G L Buzzell said...

Glad that you are almost done with the reno. I've missed your posts. Enjoy your trip this weekend and bring back lots of photos.

Coppertop said...

Oh my, the little darlings, nice deer photos Paula.
No wonder you haven't posted, you've been one mighty busy lady.
Looking forward to pictures from your trip, have fun and be safe!

Paula said...

Hello Ladies! Yes, I am glad things are beginning to wrap up with the house. Weather forecast for the weekend has changed so it looks like our trip will be postponed until Wednesday. Weather is supposed to be fantastic then. I would rather wait and not be miserable in the heat and humidity anyway. Glad you both stopped by.