Saturday, August 23, 2014

No Fracking Way

It is rare that I use the blog to speak out on an issue but for sure, North Carolina lawmakers have sold out the citizens of this State in favor of the oil and gas industry.

The current Republican regime has been quick to push through all bills related to fracking though they do not have that market cornered.  Democrats are just as compliant though most no votes did come from the Democrats.

Despite evidence of groundwater contamination by known cancer causing agents in other states where fracking is already underway, North Carolina lawmakers have approved it in this State. What happens when our water becomes contaminated and there is a rash of increases in cancers in areas where fracking will be taking place?  It will be too late then.  Once again.....steps are already being taken to protect the companies who will be doing the fracking and the average Joe citizen is out of luck.  I really just cannot understand such disregard to the health and welfare of the citizens of this State.  Just another case of big money speaks big.

NC lawmakers are busy pushing through bills trying to make sure that chemicals used can be kept secret by imposing heavy penalties for disclosure.  Scary stuff (S.B. 786) here that is being passed trying to protect the gas and mining industry and saying the hell with the citizen's welfare of this State.

Lawmakers have also ensured that no NC citizen can deny fracking on their private land.  An individual buys the land, pays taxes on the land and now can have no say to deny the gas and mining companies from coming on their land and contaminating it with fracking ehemicals but pocketing the money from anything found.  What the heck is going on?  Our law makers have started this State on a dangerous path for loss of personal freedoms regarding use of private lands.

So when the next elections roll around, remember who voted to allow fracking in the State.  Voting record is here and it has been signed by Governor McCrory.


G L Buzzell said...

I couldn't agree more, Paula. Very disappointing.I HATE fracking!

Paula said...

I have very deep concerns for the environment and public health. So indeed, we do agree!