Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rain, rain and more rain

What a messy day it has wise.  Rain gauge shows two inches so far.  I went down to my cousin's farm yesterday afternoon to retrieve the trail camera.  There had been lots of action near the corn field and we (nephew and I) hoped to get some good shots.

We parked some distance away and walked in hoping to come up on the fawn that has been hanging out in that area.  We did see the fawn but it ran off quickly.  As we got closer to the location, the fox that has been hanging out in the corn field popped out.

It seemed very curious about us and made no attempt to run.  It turned to watch us as we stood taking photographs.

Finally it turned and went back in the corn field.


Coppertop said...

Oh my, Great shots of the fox Paula, lucky you!

Paula said...

Thanks Liz, It is a beautiful creature. It was quite a treat to have one stand still long enough to get some nice shots.

G L Buzzell said...

Great photos! Lucky you (and your nephew) to have it hang around while you photographed it.

Metis Birding said...

What a beautiful creature! And it posed so nicely for the camera :) These are really great shots Paula!