Friday, August 15, 2014

Signs of Autumn

Signs that the fall migration has begun is evidenced by the arrival of some warblers and American Redstarts.  The female was a bit shy hiding in the leaves but the male that came this afternoon spent time bathing and preening.

Acorns have begun falling and the deer show up in the mornings pawing the leaves and looking for them.  The doe with the twin fawns was here early this morning.  The sun had not yet made it to the front of the house so the photos are not the best.

The fawns are losing some of their very dark color and have grown quite a bit.  I grabbed the camera up this morning and they were almost too close for the lens I had on the camera.


G L Buzzell said...

Hard to believe that it is time for migration. Where has summer gone?

Fawns are so cute. Looks like they were coming in for a visit.:-)

Coppertop said...

Time goes by way too fast these days. It is true what they say about time going faster as you age!

Love the photos especially of the adorable fawns!

Paula said...

Hi Gladys, It is hard to believe fall is almost here. High hopes for a good migration as the spring was so disappointing. The fawns are so cute when they are out running and jumping. Such fun!

Paula said...

Hi Liz, Indeed time does go far too quickly. I do love when the fawns start coming out. I just want to go out and pet them!