Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gathering Courage

The young Chickadee called out with its rapid fire call wanting to be fed.  Mom sat in a nearby tree calling for the little one to come out.  The battle of wills had begun.  I think Mom had reached the point of saying enough.....time to come out into the world.

Finally the young Chickadee gathered enough courage and out the hole and to the ground.  The two other young ones followed fairly quickly.  Mom flew to the ground and herded them in.  I think the Mom was a bit stressed with the little ones on the ground so I departed the area and left them alone.

I checked back in about 30 minutes and they were gone so I assume Mom has them out teaching them the ways of the world.


Coppertop said...

How neat to be able to witness. I've seen this behavior with the tree swallows and bluebirds, it is heart warming to watch.

Paula said...

This box was right beside the deck and was really more ornamental but I guess the Mom liked it. I enjoyed watching them as they grew and started peeking their head out. I can imagine the thought of a big step out could be a bit scary.