Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ground Hog

I was out in the yard this morning trying to spot some warblers when the ground hog came waddling by.

I couldn't believe it stopped right in front of me and sat down.  I was moving very slowly trying to raise the camera up.  He/she was almost too close to get the lens to focus well.  I figured if I moved it was gone so I got what I could.

All of a sudden as if it realized I was there, it took off through the woods.  I was curious and checked and supposedly they do have good eyesight so maybe it was just checking me out.  Regardless of the reason it stopped, I appreciated the chance for a good shot.


Coppertop said...

You just never know what wildlife critters are going to do! Always expect the unexpected! :-) Nice shot Paula!

Paula said...

Thanks Liz....always nice when the wildlife cooperates for a photo op. True...nature is unpredictable.