Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

About three years ago, a male RB Grosbeak started coming through in the spring, always about the last week of April.  This year, I had two show up.  The one that I believe to be the older male stayed only one day.  The one in these photos has been here fro three days now.

He was quite timid about coming to the feeder at first but I think hunger got the best of him yesterday and every time I looked, he was back eating.  He came early this morning to feed and has been to the feeder several times.

You can very easily pick his song out from all the local birds and he has this one little chip that really stands out.  I have been delighted to have him stay this long and am hoping he may even stay for a while.


Coppertop said...

Beautiful shots of a beautiful bird. I love these guys and hope to see them in our yard soon!

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. I have been so pleased he stayed around this long. He was still here feeding this morning but I have not seen him since early so I fear he has moved on. I hope you do get to see them soon.