Sunday, May 1, 2016

Summer Tanager

The morning started out overcast with a few showers but late this afternoon, the sky began to clear a bit.  First thing this morning I started watching through the kitchen window.  I couldn't believe it.  I counted 9 Red-breasted Grosbeaks.....6 males and 3 females.

This afternoon when the skies cleared, I heard the Grosbeaks fussing as a bird flew near their feeder.  It was a young male Summer Tanager.  With still yellow primaries, my guess he is only about a year old.

 A pair usually nests behind the house every year so I am guessing he is one of the offspring from last year.


ME2NC said...

I am so envious of all the birds that you got in your yard. I just have "ordinary" birds. I have chickadees using the bluebird house and bluebirds just coming to use the bird bath. They haven't used the bluebird house since we put the pergola in must be too close to the box. Glad to see you posting again

Paula said...

My Bluebird boxes lost out to Chickadees for first usage however as soon as the Chickadees left I have left I have cleaned out the boxes this week. I noticed a female Bluebird bring in nesting material this morning. Yeah! Bluebirds usually don't mind having there house close to another structure unless there is lots of outside activity. I am going to send you an email to see how you are doing. It had been a rough few months with family issues and I am enjoying being back at it.