Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Young Birds Everywhere

There is almost a constant of high pitch begging chips, wings flapping quickly and assuming the begging position from the young birds around.

The male Bluebird has taken a lazy approach and brings the youngsters to the suet cage.  He breaks off bits of suet and feeds the youngsters each taking their turn.  He does catch insects but towards the end of the day, I guess he is looking for an easy meal.

The Cardinals were early this morning so the shot was a bit dark.  Always sweet.  I wonder why the males are the primary feeders of the young birds that have fledged?

Around mid day, I heard a flock of Cedar Waxwings.  I kept looking around trying to spot them until I realized they were in my neighbors back yard feeding on the mulberries.

Certainly, the young European Starlings are not much to write home about.  The buzzing noise they make when they are trying to get the adults attention can get on your nerves quickly.


ME2NC said...

So many birds, Paula. Loving seeing all your pics.

Nature Girl said...

Thanks Gladys. Hope you are doing okay. Concerned since you haven't posted lately.

ME2NC said...

Doing good, Paula, but busy lately. I just realized that I didn't answer your email. I will do that soon. We were actually in your neighborhood last night but didn't get in until late and left early. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Garner. That area sure is growing. I hope to be posting more regular now that my health is getting back to normal.