Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ever Had A Really Great Day?!

Every now and then you have one of those really fantastic days, and today, the mojo was in full force. My digiscoping efforts, while not what I had hoped for were much improved so that is a positive. It is a learning process and at least I am taking leaps forward versus steps back.

My first birding stop was productive and where I spent about an hour practicing. Eastern Meadowlarks, Barn Swallows, a male and female Blue Grosbeak and the Bobolinks.

Left that location and went on to the park. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, White-Eyed Vireo (note the cool white eye), Common Yellowthroat, Indigo Buntings and a wonderful flyover by some Red-Shouldered Hawks taking food back to the nest. One hawk circled over as if to say look what I have. The photo of the hawks is a series of four shots as it came by, circled and departed. The creature dangling is a frog.

Weather was perfect. After coming home, cut the grass and worked in the yard for a while then took Ali-girl for a long walk. She is sacked out tonight and I am not far behind her. A shower and tick check is a must. I have already pulled five off today.


Woodduck said...

Liking your captures!

Paula said...

It has been one of those rare, wonderful, everything seems to go your way weekends. Life is good!