Friday, April 29, 2011

Fly By

I took a day of leave today to combine with my Monday off for a four day weekend. Weather is suppose to be wonderful. My intentions were to get up early and head out however, things did not go as planned. I hoped to arrive early and attempt to photograph some Boblinks but arrived too late. I missed more good shots today that I got but saw some nice things.

My intent was to spend some time practicing digiscoping for tomorrow. I have been frustrated with my attempts and finally joined an online group and have been practicing some recommendations received from the group. I must say, there has been a big improvement this week which makes me happy.

My plans tonight are to make sure all lenses are crystal clean, camera battery charged and everything is packed and checked for in the morning. There was so much "fluff" for lack of a better word flying in the air today most of my shots had little specks.

As I was leaving the park crossing the bridge over the pond, a Great Blue Heron flew so close I could not even adjust the camera quickly enough. When one is that close, you realize what huge birds they truely are.

My hopes for tomorrow are the Boblinks, Indigo Buntings, White Eyed Vireo and a Kentucky Warbler I spotted today.

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