Sunday, June 12, 2011

Early Sunday Outing

Clouds gathered early last night darkening the skies which soon released welcome rain. The rain and thunder lulled me to sleep early so by 0400 this morning I was well rested and ready to go. Off to a leasurely breakfast killing a little time to let the skies lighten up. Some residual cloud cover remained but was quickly giving way to sunshine.

Driving down a dirt road, Eastern Meadowlarks seem to be adornments on almost every fence post. Their melodious song wafted across the fields announcing a new day. Morning glories growing against the fence also greeted the morning sun.

Heading to a specific location trying to photograph a pair of Summer Tanagers, I passed a group of Goldfinch's enjoying a breakfast of dandelion seeds. Could hear the distinctive call of the Tanagers but never saw them. Getting close to 0800 by now and time for the park to open so I headed that way.

Finally able to get a decent shot of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo. I have heard it for the last couple of weeks but had not been able to see it.

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