Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project Complete - Folkart Stone Owl

Pretty much everything had been put on the back burner to complete this project as I wanted to have it finished by Monday. Only thing left to do is get some very fine steel wool and do a light over to cut down the sheen of the clear finish. I thought I had satin but it was gloss so as soon as it has a day to set really well, a light once over should do it.

I was not satisfied with the gray I was originally going with on the chest and back so another coat of black and start over. I have definitely lost some of the knack but I think it came out okay. Should look very nice in the log cabin on the fireplace mantle.


Woodduck said...

Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing that.

Paula said...

Thanks Woodduck. Not my very best work but with time constraints I think it cme out okay.