Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stone Owl - Part 2

The base coat is completed however there will be touch ups all along once feathers are lined in. The face looks like a big orange pumpkin but it is really golden brown. Not really happy with the beak placement and will have to go back and re-work it. The eyes - I can never, ever get the eyes even. I do just a rough placement but without fail will work them at least three times. They are always the last thing I finish.

I start with the face first. It has been almost two years since I painted one and it has definitely been a struggle getting back into the knack. In part one when I estimated time left to complete - WAY WRONG! I remember now why I quit painting. Extremely time consuming. I am now at the 12-14 hours to finish. When I start adding the feather detail, slow going as I try to get lines very thin and evenly spaced. Front and back depending on what design I decide on will probably take 3 hours each.

It still looks a little rough but once detail starts getting added, things just meld together.

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