Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finding a Cool Spot

Heat, heat and more heat. Day after day of 90+ weather has made the fountain/birdbath/watering rock the place to be. There has been a constant stream of birds perched waiting their turn. The Robin is quite the hog visiting several times a day and often just sits in the water.

A Gray Catbird has started visiting but is very timid. I was sitting on the deck very still trying to get some good shots and it spooked first go round when I moved but was a little more acceptable of my being there a few minutes later.

Among the many finches that were there at one time, this bird that I believe to possibly be a young Oriole of some sort was mixed in with the bunch. I am guessing Oriole from the shape of the beak. I hope it hangs around for a while and brings the parents with it next trip.


Woodduck said...

The catbird will probaly learn that you're not a threat. Mine hop all around me. I enjoy watching them scurry about.

Paula said...

I hope so. I rarely have one visit which is a surprise as they are generally common birds. They are quite handsome in their suit of gray.

Woodduck said...

I had one today strutting like a turkey, before a female. First I'd seen that. All puffed up and wings down and dragging and tail widened. I enjoyed the display.

Paula said...

Their behavior during courtship is so fun to watch. A pair came to the fountain Saturday afternoon and I too enjoyed watching their interaction with each other.