Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Day of Mini-Vacation

It has been four days of intense birding. And yes, I need to go back to work for rest. I have probably averaged at least four miles of walking everyday which includes camera backpack and tripod. My body stiffens up when I stop for long so I have just kept moving. When I finally stop at dark, it has been a very good tired followed by good sleep.

I went out for a short period this morning but back home in a couple of hours to get some work done. I have been waiting for fall to move and divide several beds of iris. One down today and also moved some perenial flowers. I am determine next summer to have a wonderful butterfly garden.

After some time out Saturday morning, my friend and I worked on our birding presentation that we are giving on 15 October. We had been on our final big push over the last couple of days for new species we didn't have. Later in the afternoon I was working in the yard and hit a yellow jacket nest with the weedeater. Angry little givers of pain attacked my hands. Two stings on one hand, three on the other, one on the shoulder and one on the arm. It had been many, many years since I had been stung and forgot how unpleasant it is.

Did not do much Sunday as my hands were big time swollen and very stiff. I went out for about an hour and that was it. The first pair of mallards for the season have taken up residence at the pond and unfotunately a Canada Goose had also arrived which is only a forebearer of the numbers that will come in.

The Eastern Meadowlark have returned or should I say are once again highly visible and singing their hearts out in the morning. The Euonymous americanus (Strawberry Bush / Bursting Hearts) are open and the birds are snatching up the seeds that fall. They really seem to like the seeds. This is on my list to plant in my native plant garden that I am working on.


Woodduck said...

I have a bursting hearts bush that I planted for my mother in the '60s...still blooming. Dad and I found it on a squirrel hunting trip. Good luck with yours. Dig one up now if legal where you roam.

Paula said...

They are beautiful when they are at the stage where the seeds are showing. I actually have received permission to dig a couple so I have been preparing my area. Hope it does well.