Friday, October 21, 2011

Song Sparrow?

During the last week where I work, an unusual bird appeared. A couple of us who are serious birders have spent break times walking outside trying to spot the bird.

This morning, I decided to take my camera and go out during lunch to try to get some shots.

It always seems to stay in the shadows of structures, bushes or trees and is very timid so these are about the best photos I could get.

I have not heard the bird make any sounds except a chirps. I have not seen or heard it sing the distinctive song sparrow song. The chirp seems to be of a tone that is unfamiliar which is what first caught my attention and then...I spotted the bird. It's highly visible white head stands out conspicuously.

There is a lack of the central dark spot on the chest at least on the photos I have been able to get. The pattern on the wing however looks very much like a song sparrow. I have seen many young song sparrows but never one with so much white on the head.

Is this a genetic mistep or a possible cross with another bird?

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clair delong said...

Wish I could see your photos to compare with the bird I just saw this morning. I live in WNC and saw a small sparrow like bird with completely white head and speckled feathers. I found your blog while searching for identification of the bird, since I'd never seen this bird before. Interesting, wonder if it is by chance the same bird?