Saturday, October 22, 2011

Night Visitor - Return of the Owl

When I first moved to my current home more years ago than I care to remember, it was very common to hear and see owls several times a month. Several years ago when a housing development was built further down, the owls disappeared.

During the past week, on three mornings when I departed for work I noticed a large form in one of the trees. As it is alway early (and now dark) when I leave, I sort of figured it was a hawk sleeping for the night.

Yesterday morning as I was backing out of the drive I once again noticed the form so pulled back up and cut the car off. I had my camera in the car and thought what the heck, it was worth a try. I put the ISO up to about 2400, rolled down the car window and attempted to focus. Insufficient light for the camera to focus so I switched to manual focus which was a pure shot in the dark so to speak.

My intent was not a high quality photo but to confirm what was in the tree. I suspected an owl based on the size and the movement of the head. I am extremely thrilled that one has returned and a little surprised at the location of what seems to be a favored spot. It is a fairly small dogwood tree and the preferred limb is no more than five feet off the ground.

Directly across from the tree, I have one of those octagonal shaped bird houses on a post. I went out late yesterday afternoon and strapped the trailcam to the birdhouse. I set it to put the date and time stamp on each photo to gather information on times and frequency of visits. If I leave out about two weeks, that should give me a good idea on how often it visits.


Woodduck said...

Check out 'Cary Birdcam Blog' and good luck getting some pics of the owl!

Paula said...

Thanks for the intel on the blog. I will definitely revisit. Checked my trailcam this afternoon and no visits from the owl. So sad. I moved the cam to the side yard and should get some deer and fox tonight. I was sure hoping for some owl pics.