Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Gray Day - But Good Birds

April has been a most disappointing photography month.  Living and waiting for the weekends to roll around and on almost every single weekend this month there has been either rain or gray skies at least part of the weekend.

Today is the same.  Beautiful yesterday, cloudy and cool today.  I was not even going to go out this morning but decided to give it a go.  The birds were great, the photo'  Hopefully some of the clouds will move out tomorrow and the weather will improve. Next weekend is a work weekend so I am sure the weather will be lovely then.

 A Nutria was swimming across the pond when I first arrived.  There was discussion among several people on the bridge as to what is was.  Everything from the otter, beaver and muskrat was said.  I knew it was either the muskrat or nutria and after uploading the photo for sure it was the nutria.

There was one unbelievable tree.  Not sure what it was but the birds were flocking to it.  Three of us who were watching all commented that we had never before witnessed such a large gathering of Eastern Kingbirds together.  Probably 25-30 all taking turns flying in and out to this tree.  At least ten Gray Catbirds, some Cardinals, a Blue Grosbeak and Brown Thrasher also joined in the feast.

As one of the gentleman and I were standing checking out the area flooded by the beaver, a Wood Duck and Green Heron flew in.  Oh for the sun to be shining.


Woodduck said...

was it a mulberry tree?

Paula said...

It reminded me of one but I have never seen the seed pods/berries turn purple. There is a mulberry tree >=50 feet away from this tree and the berries on it are quite different and already turning purple. I am going back tomorrow to get better shots and try to figure out what it is (hopefully).