Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Stroll

The morning started early after being rocked out of bed around 0230 this morning by a loud clap of thunder, followed by sharp and close lightning, wind and hail.  I cut the TV on to check for any weather warnings.  April tornados are not too uncommon so best to check.  Only warnings of a quick moving severe thunderstorm which was good.  First light brought a chance to survey any damage.  Lots of small limbs and leaves but nothing bad.

The weather cleared up a bit so it was an early out as more unsettled weather is possible this afternoon.  What I think is a young Red-Tailed Hawk had situated itself in a tree with good views of the surrounding field.  Quite a handsome bird I just wish the lighting would have been better.

I moved on to an area where the Black Poll Warblers hang out in the early part of April.  I heard and spotted what I am sure was one however all the pictures were mostly in silhouette.  They will be around for about two weeks so there is time to try and get a good shot.

In that same area there was lots of activity lower down in the trees.  What fun!  The Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers are in.  They are fast, rarely sit still for long and are fun to try and  photograph.  They were doing what gnatcathers do best.

It was now around 0810 and the park was open so I headed that way.  Meadowlarks were in the fields and singing.

Mallards were out head down in the water digging out vegetation.  Walking on back with hopes of spotting the Wood Ducks.   A female Merganser coming off what I think was a nest.  She took a quick swim around before going back on land.

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