Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Perils of Fledging

This afternoon when I arrived home I walked out on the deck as usual.  Both ear and eye were immediately drawn to a very tiny little bird on the ground peeping and quivering.  Flight attempts were unsuccessful.  The parents were on a limb above and from the tone of their fussing were stressed over the little one.

I watched for a while and became concerned as larger birds were coming in for afternoon visits to the feeder and bird bath.  Grackles that always arrive for a short time in the spring were circling around it so it was time for action.

I grabbed some gloves and walked back outside gently scooping up the little bird and placed it on a branch under the cover of a shrub.  A little later I watched and parents had located the baby from its peeping.  Hopefully, the little bird will make it.

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